Top 5: the best family cars

From the best family cars for 2021 to those of a few years ago, there has been a huge leap in terms of quality and design. Consumption has been reduced, spaces are larger and the design is much more aerodynamic.

When we think of buying a family car, we no longer look for the fastest and most powerful one, now we want it to be more spacious and above all to offer us great security. What is clear is that we do not want to play with the safety of our family.

We go with the list made according to several articles that we have been able to contrast, choosing the best in the market adapting them to all pockets so that you can choose depending on your economy.


Audis are spacious cars in and of themselves, but the Audi A6 Avant is spaciousness personified. Only the trunk has 565 liters of capacity and if we fold it down it can reach 1,680 liters.

In addition, the Audi A6 Avant, has absolute comfort, but to enjoy it we need 65,000 euros.

Audi A6 Avant

Opel Insignia Sport Tourer

This vehicle is almost five meters long and with the elegant wake of the German manufacturer. Also available in Country Tourer, although the line is more basic.

We classify it as one of the best family cars for 2021 for space, qualities and benefits. As for its trunk, 560 liters fit. This vehicle starts with a price of 31,900 euros

Opel Insignia Sport Tourer


This model meets all the criteria we are looking for, and we think it is a good car to go as a family with the children on a trip, also on an excursion and in our day to day life. It has a good security system, smart cruise control and the trunk door opens by itself when you need it.

Kia Sportage


This 7-seater minivan was conceived from the beginning to transport children. It is the closest thing to a nursery on wheels, thanks to its multiple compartments. Its two auxiliary seats are true that they eat most of the huge trunk, which if it is a large family can be an impediment.

Renault Grand Scenic


Within the premium compact SUV market we have the Volvo XC40, which has the best interiors on the market along with a first-rate technological load, with the advantage of the DGT ECO label.

Volvo XC40

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