Sunglasses for children to protect their eyes

Children have even more delicate eyes than adults due to their sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays. Without proper protection, it can increase the occurrence of eye problems and conditions such as macular degeneration or cataracts. For this reason, sunglasses are essential for them, beginning their use from an early age.

Recommendations sunglasses

Children, we know that they have a lot of activity, so it will be important that sunglasses are made of resistant and lightweight materials, such as polycarbonate. The hinges are another important point to take into account, to avoid being at the optician’s every moment repairing the pins. There are many models that extend the angle to more than 90 degrees, and that makes them highly recommended sunglasses.

The main recommendations to take into account would be:

  • They must have the CE mark (European Community) which certifies that they have passed the quality registry.
  • There should be no gap between the nose and the frame of the sunglasses so they do not slip
  • The elastic bands that some sunglasses have must fit correctly to their heads to prevent them from slipping.
  • Organic glass is highly recommended to prevent breakage
  • Let’s not forget that sunglasses are not the only protection that children should wear, but we must complement it with a hat, caps or visors, as well as internal hydration.

We are going to suggest some models that, due to their high ratings on AMAZON, are to be taken into account.

Unbreakable sunglasses 100% protection

This brand of sunglasses are valid for children from 0 years to 2 years of age. They do not have hinges, and they have a UV400 protection. They weigh only 18 grams and are polarized. There are 8 models to choose from.

Unbreakable glasses at AMAZON

We also present another model from 2 years of age, with adjustable and removable band. They are super flexible rubber glasses with UV400 protection against UVA and UVB rays. They have them in 4 colors available.

Unbreakable glasses at AMAZON

Color changing sunglasses

Glasses that are especially attractive to children because they change color when exposed to direct sunlight. These glasses valid from 6 years old have 100% UV protection Category 3. They comply with the EN ISO 12312-1:2015 standard and are polarized. Choose the model you like best when they change color.

Sports glasses

This model of glasses has 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays and a litimirror reflective finish, with anti-reflection and i-r filter. It also has a special strap to prevent it from slipping. They have 4 colors to choose from.

Sports glasses at AMAZON

Let’s see another type of polarized sports glasses, with UV400 protection and valid from 3 years of age.

Sports glasses at AMAZON

In the market you can find endless different models that are attractive to children to make sure that they are going to wear them, but let’s not forget the important recommendations that must always be followed.

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