Face Paint at Home – Let’s have fun with them!

Children love to dress up as their favorite characters or simply paint themselves in bold, bright, original or special colors. Therefore, a perfect plan for a holiday is to paint his face with a special design. It’s also a great way to reward them for an achievement without having to buy anything. It doesn’t have to be carnival or Halloween, you can make face painting at home for fun.


There are many materials for children’s face painting. But it is best to choose the ones that are water-based, since they are easier to remove than the oil-based ones. Especially if you are going to paint the faces of the little ones, that the fact of removing their makeup does not irritate their skin. To paint them, choosing tube watercolors are also the most appropriate. They are sold in different shades and they will serve you to paint many times.


This pack includes 24 pieces, in which there are 16 paints, gold and beach glitter, 7 applicators, 30 stencils and a travel pack. Made with water-based bright color colors.

This other kit is developed by Paradise Makeup AQ facial makeup artist Jinny Houle. Made for beginning face painting artists.

Here we have another pack with 47 pieces made up of 32 templates and eBook design guide.

Face painting templates at home

There are templates to facilitate the work and especially for those who play tricks on their pulse, such as this 40-piece kit that includes 12 large face templates, 18 Halloween templates and 10 different brushes.

On the internet you can find endless ideas on how to paint the little ones in the house and I can assure you that it will be a great day for everyone, both for you artists and for children, who will feel special and magical for that day. . Making face paint at home is a great solution for an amazing day.

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