The funniest Christmas family jumpers that your kids will love

And Christmas comes … and why not? … this year we want it to be original and Christmas Day to have a more fun touch. We propose funny Christmas jumpers for the family.


We can do it in a different way, or that each of the people wears the same Christmas jumper, as when the Bill Cosby series made it fashionable in the 80s, or that each one wears a different one and then we will see what the jumper is funniest christmas. The important thing is that it is a game for everyone and everyone participates.

Now they can be bought in most shopping centers, or else on websites like Amazon, but you can also recycle any sweater that you don’t use and make your own Christmas jumper by putting patches on it like a snowman, or it can be, for example, a felt image of the kite reindeer with its round red nose.

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The decorations that you can use could be balls, tinsel or even battery-operated lights, basically the same thing that you use to decorate your Christmas tree. Now you are the hanger.

The imagination has no limits, you can incorporate a Christmas hat, or a headband with elf ears and even use hair spray.

Give a present

Another proposal is to give the most original Christmas sweater that you can find to a family member, a friend … because most likely, when the following year you take out your winter clothes and see it, you will remember the moment you lived the year previous.

Try to get a smile and maybe the surprise will be yours …

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