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Cruises with children – Holidays at sea

Cruises are 5-star hotels at sea, they are like floating cities perfectly prepared for travelers of all ages to enjoy. It is a ship where you cannot leave and it is controlled, this being the reason that gives parents the most peace of mind when traveling with children or adolescents.

To go on a cruise, it is enough for children to be over 6 months old in some cases or 12 months in others.

Ideal cruises for children

Although all cruises have many activities and spaces for children, without a doubt the most popular cruises are those of the Disney Cruise shipping company. This shipping company has the best facilities and programs focused on minors.

Disney Cruise Line

The staterooms are decorated as if they were in Disneyland and even the restaurants, which have interactive screens with images of Disney characters. This shipping company also has a babysitting service for children from 3 years of age, something that produces doubly peace of mind for parents and allows them to have a little time to enjoy themselves.

The price of these cruises with the Disney Cruise shipping company is higher than other shipping companies, due to this type of programs so adapted to children. It really is an amusement park on the sea.

We must not rule out other shipping companies that are highly desirable options for the whole family. Royal Caribbean has numerous entertainment and activities for children of all ages. On some cruise ships, we can find roller skating rinks, or bumper cars or even a water park for children or even a youth disco.

More cruise lines with children’s programs

Norwegian Cruise Line, also has children’s programs for different ages, being able to enjoy interactive games with babies from 6 to 3 years old, and children from 3 to 12 years old ha

Costa Cruceros, is another great option. Upon boarding, children receive a personal invitation to meet Peppa Pig and can even enjoy a meal with her. All her cruises have a themed day with Peppa Pig, which she will do with the little crafts or even dance in the children’s disco.

Practically all shipping companies have special programs for traveling with children and making cruises a wonderful experience (MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, etc.)

Planning a vacation with children by choosing any of the cruises is an adventure that no member of the family will ever forget. You will enjoy the trip as a family and of course you will be able to visit wonderful destinations in the company of children.

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