Christmas lights – The whim of children and adults

The whole family loves Christmas lights. With them we can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but endless rooms and in many different ways. These warm lights, both indoors and outdoors, make us happy wherever they are.

We are going to take a tour of different types of lights that we can place with the help of the whole family, especially with the children.

Gingerbread man christmas lights

This string of Christmas lights is made up of a garland of 30 charming gingerbread men. Each man measures 1 x 1.2 inches and is powered by two power sources, 3 AA batteries and USB. It has 8 blink modes and a 2, 4, 6 and 8 hour timer.

Gingerbread man garland in AMAZON


Another beautiful and decorative garland could be this formed by 2 packages of 40 warm white LEDs. They work with batteries.

Snowflakes garland in AMAZON

Garland – curtain of lights moons and stars

Beautiful colored garland in the shape of moons and stars. It contains 138 led lights with 2 power modes, by USB cable and 3 AA batteries. It has 8 flashing light modes and measures 7.2 x 24.9 ft.

Moons and stars in AMAZON

Christmas motifs garland

Another type that we can show you would be these mushroom shaped Christmas lights with 30 Christmas lights. It is 10 feet long and has more than 30 LEDs. Create a warm atmosphere and it will serve to illuminate from a room, to any Christmas decoration. It has 8 light modes and works automatically for 6 programmable hours.

Garland Christmas motifs in AMAZON

Christmas lights projector

This Christmas projector has the built-in slides and you can change the slide at the touch of a single button. There are 16 kinds of Christmas patterns for you to choose from, including Christmas tree, Santa, snowman, etc. It has a 2, 4 or 6 hour shutdown timer. Waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Slide projector at AMAZON

Christmas lights decoration

These sweet Christmas gnomes consist of 2 12-inch figures. Made of strong plastic, they are internally illuminated with warm LEDs. It has an automatic timer to shine for 6 hours.

Christmas figure with lights in AMAZON

We have shown you examples of lights for family homes with children, which will surely excite them. Choose with them the ones you like the most and may this Christmas shine on its own.

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