Family traditions at Christmas

There are many family traditions that we find days before Christmas, during Christmas and in the days after those very important dates.

Each country experiences family Christmas traditions in different ways, although some of the traditions are repeated in virtually every event. In this post, we will focus on Spanish traditions that go back many years, such as those that have been incorporated in recent years, where children play a leading role.

Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is something that all children love. The fact of having to open a small window from December 1 to December 24, which is the arrival of Santa Claus and that in each window there is a surprise, is a reason for excitement and joy. You can make this calendar manually during the month of November to finish it before December begins. Kids will love creating their own Advent calendar.

Christmas greetings – family traditions

Since December begins, there is a tradition that although less and less is carried out, it continues to be of great importance. Christmas greetings for family and friends are a great opportunity for children to develop their creativity by creating their own Christmas greeting card.

Assemble the Tree and the Nativity Scene

When December begins, we are already considering setting up and decorating the Christmas tree and even in many homes, the Nativity scene is also set up. To carry out this Christmas tradition, you can either use decorations from previous years, or make crafts creating new Christmas objects. In the case of the Bethlehem, if every year we create new figures

More Family Traditions – Christmas Cookies

Another activity to carry out with children during Christmas and which is an ingrained tradition, is the making of Christmas cookies, where they can decorate them and then eat them, making fun and original figures.

Santa Claus

Starting by writing the letter to Santa Claus, as well as then delivering it to him at many of the points where you can find his pages or Santa himself, create a special illusion for children. In addition, leaving Christmas cookies or sweets prepared the night before and water for the reindeer will make the magic of the Christmas tradition with more enthusiasm, never fade.

Three Wise Men

At the beginning of January the Three Wise Men arrive. In some families Santa Claus arrives, in another the Three Wise Men and in the vast majority of families they distribute gifts so that on both dates the magical beings of Christmas most dear to all.

In this case, writing your letter, cleaning your shoes at night and leaving them shiny under the Christmas tree and leaving buckets of water for the camels are another activity that children never forget to do.

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