Leisure time with our children is something very precious and for which we should dedicate our time. There are many ways to share leisure with our children and a very fun way that will also surely surprise young and old are board games to play as a family. At the moment we start to play, there are no tensions, no problems, but get fully into the game and simply enjoy with the family.

In addition, board games have many benefits such as cognitive and mental development, learning to have patience, concentration, problem solving, increasing the capacity for deduction and imagination and knowing how to accept defeat.

We will have to take into account the ages of our children and look for the most appropriate board game for their age in terms of difficulty.

Traditional board games such as cards, Parcheesi, and goose are very well received games, but we can also integrate other existing games that will surely surprise everyone.

We are going to recommend some possible games of different ages to serve as an example.

Time’s Up – 4 years

Let’s start with this game whose recommended age is 4 years. It’s called Time’s Up. It’s a guessing game about everyday objects, professions and hundreds of different topics. Laughter will be assured.

Time’s Up at AMAZON

Dobble – 5 years

This card game is really 5 games in 1. Develop speed, observation, reflexes.

Dobble at AMAZON

Carcassone – 7 years

This strategy game in the most German style, will be the delight of the middleweight of the house.

Carcassone at AMAZON

We have left you some possible games that everyone will love, but we must not forget that the best of all is to share fun, leisure and laughter as a family to create that family bond that should not be missing.