Your Homemade Birthday Party

His birthday party is a very special day for any child. And now comes the question … What do I do to make it even more enjoyable?

We are going to leave you some fun and original ideas to celebrate a party that you will surely love. In this post we are going to involve the kings of the party themselves and the parents, so that everyone wishes with more enthusiasm the arrival of the expected day.

Before the big day

It is much more enjoyable when you participate in the great event, which in this case is the most desired birthday party. So let’s start at the beginning. Make a crown for the king or queen of the party. We suggest that you propose to create your favorite crown, which you can make, design, paint and decorate as you like to have it ready for the big day.

Party decorations

We can create a strip of homemade pennants and strips with balloons of many colors, which the protagonist will cut out, inflate and choose the colors.

Hats for the guests

You can also create hats for the guests at your birthday party, choosing which will be for each of the children who will come to the party. You can put the name of each one, or a letter, or maybe why not? that each one is represented in an animal. Let the imagination flow!

The invitations

At his birthday party, everything will be manual, and how it should be otherwise, the invitations are very special. There are countless templates that you can find on the internet and download for free but you can also make it together at home. You are sure to surprise your friends and they will be looking forward to your birthday party.

The cake

In this section, although there are two possibilities: the first is that you make the birthday cake together, there is also the option of surprising him with a cake that is not expected. I recommend this option, because seeing his or her surprise face with a cake specially designed for him or her is something that undoubtedly excites you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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