A Slumber Party – Shared Activities, Guaranteed Success

A slumber party is an unforgettable plan where children live their first experiences spending an afternoon-night sleeping at a friend’s house. A special night sharing a room or even better yet, sharing beds, confidences, secrets, fun and magic.

Although the concept is the same for a girls ‘slumber party or a boys’ slumber party, the truth is that as a general rule they have common aspects but many others very different. So let’s see how to prepare it to be a success.


One of the benefits of having a slumber party at your home is that the children will have the room to celebrate for themselves. For a day, children feel older and independent. They are the hosts of their friends.

On the other hand, it develops imagination and creativity with the stories that will be told between them, also strengthening ties with friends. Keep in mind that it is a longer party that lasts from the afternoon until after breakfast the next day.


The first thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to improvise and it is necessary to have everything prepared, starting with the invitations, which should be specially made for the attendees, even taking care of the details to make that night something they will remember.

A good idea is to revolve around a theme and establish an evening plan that is related to it. That both the snack-dinner, or the movie that they are going to see accompany the theme. This way, they can even come in costume, which is something they love.


Common elements that set the slumber party would be garlands, balloons, cushions, an Indian teepee is a good idea for them to sleep inside and if you do not want to invest, it can be made with sheets, clothespins, Christmas lights and chairs.


Setting the activities is important knowing what your son or daughter is excited about. Maybe they like painting their nails, or doing paper crafts, or cooking, or playing scavenger hunts, or imaginative makeup …


If one of the activities is watching a movie, you could place a table with different types of popcorn, do you think it is original? You can also invite them to prepare some pizzas themselves.

Final surprise

Take photos themselves, or take them yourself and then give each one a copy with a little detail that will remind them of the day of the slumber party. For example, if it’s a girl’s sleepover where nails have been painted, it could be a kid’s nail polish with a bold color and glitter.

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