Crafts with children – 5 ideas for a fun afternoon

A rainy day, a Saturday afternoon, any afternoon can become a special and fun afternoon if we propose to the children to do crafts at home.

There are crafts with children for all ages. In this post we will give ideas of some of the crafts for different ages. They are sure to have the perfect afternoon! Shall we start?

Finger painting

There is nothing more fun than painting with fingers stained with special finger paint that you can buy practically anywhere (toy stores, shopping centers, craft stores, stationery stores, etc). That the smallest of the house can paint with his fingers without being reprimanded is quite an achievement and if on top of it it is fun, guaranteed success.


This craft can be created by both young and old. It consists of making a drawing, either geometric or a figure, with small pieces of paper, ceramics or pebbles and then gluing them onto a material (paper, cardboard, wood, cork), where we have previously designed what will serve as the background. The imagination is served.


Something as simple as going to look for rounded stones in the park, and then painting and decorating them, can become very entertaining and fun. They can later serve as toys, paperweights or decorations.

Pipe cleaner

Pipe cleaners of all colors, so moldable, develop the imagination. Imagine creating a zoo with pipe cleaners, fun right? Or just a bookmark for a book. Everything is a matter of finding utility.


We have clothespins in every house. Let’s take advantage of those clips for another purpose, such as to decorate the room, as a toy, to put notes … do you think it is original?

It is only a matter of imagining what one can surely create with materials that you already have at home. Every object is valid (wool, toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles … Encourage them to imagine and above all to create!

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