Riding a bicycle – Benefits and Family Activity

The bicycle helps children to gain freedom of movement, which in addition to adventure, facilitates creativity and balance. Riding a bicycle helps to improve the motor, cognitive and affective-social aspects of children.

Children who become accustomed to cycling develop a healthy habit that will last into adulthood.

Finally, let us bear in mind that the longer the child spends with the bicycle, the less time they spend with video consoles, mobiles, etc. The fact of enjoying nature, whether in parks, bike lanes or more natural routes, is the greatest benefit that thanks to the bicycle they can acquire.

For the bike ride to be a moment of real pleasure, certain aspects must be taken into account to avoid accidents. It is recommended that they wear highly visible clothing and use reflective lights, keep the bicycle in good condition, especially wheels and brakes, choose safe routes and use gloves and a helmet.

Riding a bicycle without pedals

To teach a child to ride a bicycle, avoid the training wheels and hold the child’s bicycle at the beginning. The bikes without pedals are perfect for children from 2 years old and by supporting and exerting force with their feet, it helps them to become aware of balance and prepare for the later use of bikes with pedals, once they have acquired enough skill. From the age of four or five, it is time to switch to a pedal bike.

Family bike routes

By the time a child switches to 20-inch bikes, they’ll be ready for family bike outings. At that age you will have already tried what the different marches are, so the family routes will be enjoyed with more intensity.

It is essential that the bicycle is adequate, neither too big nor too small. As for the equipment, it will be essential to buy a good helmet and gloves at least. If they also wear sunglasses or culottes, they will be a good option if they spend a lot of time on the bike. Regarding bicycle safety, if you are going to ride your bike all day, reflective elements and lighting will be essential.

When you do a route or excursion with the children by bicycle, it must be remembered that the child sets the pace. You have to find that the experience is positive so that you want to repeat. Remember to always carry enough water, either in special backpacks for this or in the appropriate bicycles.

You should look for places without cars, that the terrain is as flat as possible and with some added attraction. The way to ride a bicycle with children is to march behind their rear wheel a few meters away.

The family benefits that cycling excursions with children bring are innumerable and from here we invite you to plan a family route from home to take advantage of any holiday and enjoy the moment. Riding a bicycle is not a luxury but a fun.

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