Montreux at Christmas, a magical destination for children

If this Christmas you are thinking of making a Christmas vacation where the children enjoy extraordinary magic, we suggest the idyllic place for the whole family. Montreux, this small town in Switzerland will surprise everyone with the number of Christmas events that will fascinate you.

For more than 20 years, the Montreux Christmas market with its more than 170 decorated and illuminated stalls, with Lake Geneva in the background, has received a large number of visitors from all over the world, who enjoy the Christmas magic that surround this corner in the center of Switzerland.

Elven Village

Under a huge Ferris wheel is the Villa of the Elves, where the whole family can participate in workshops such as chocolate decorations, candle making among some of the many activities. Also this year, it offers new attractions such as the 3D light show on the facade of the palace, which is a magical way to present Christmas.

As if that were not enough from the Elven Village itself, you can catch a glimpse of Santa Claus with his reindeer flying through the air.

Grotto of Santa Claus at the top of Montreux

Without a doubt, there is an excursion that you should not miss. It involves visiting Santa Claus in person in his grotto at the top of the Rochers de Naye mountain. At 2,042 m high and accessed through a cogwheel train, we will delight in a spectacular landscape until we reach the Grotto of Santa Claus. On the way back, there is also a stop in Caux, where a natural skating rink will involve you in a family activity in a spectacular landscape.

Chillón Castle

Located on a rock on the shores of Lake Lemán, is the spectacular Chillón Castle. Already at any time of the year, it is an impressive building in a fascinating place, but at Christmas it is spectacular. You will have the feeling that time has stopped and you are fully in the Middle Ages. A hotbed of knights, maids and lackeys, each with their work, dancing, cooking and an absolute decoration set in the Middle Ages.

In this medieval castle set in medieval times in the middle of Christmas, you can not only walk but also eat in the dining room, feeling like a true courtier for a day in the medieval market of the Castillo de Chillón.

Without a doubt, visiting Montreux at Christmas is to soak up a Christmas atmosphere from every pore of your skin. Enjoy it to the fullest with the whole family and especially with the children!

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