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Children’s suitcases to go on a trip

The holidays have arrived or we have simply decided to take a trip with the children for a weekend, so the essential object for them to wear their clothes should not be missing. We are going to suggest some of the most appropriate and fun children’s suitcases for them.

Children’s suitcases, like adult suitcases, will depend on the type of trip we make. In the cabin of the plane they can go with certain dimensions, but if we travel by car or train, we will not have to worry about the measurements. In any case, children’s suitcases for children usually have small dimensions, so practically all of them can be used in any means of transport.

Let’s start the trip on the right foot and smiles for everyone!

Children cabin trolley

This type of children’s suitcase is made with a light, durable and resistant exterior. They weigh only 1.5 kilograms so they are a perfect option to carry as a trolley or cabin luggage for children.

With more than 10 designs, each more fun, we present this colorful trolley with your favorite character that you will undoubtedly love.

Children’s trolley on AMAZON

Travel package

They may need a suitcase and also a backpack. If this is the case, this option is cute and you have different models to choose from.

Ride-on children’s suitcases

In the event that you prefer that the suitcase has 4 wheels for greater stability, this suitcase will fulfill its function perfectly. It is perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 8, and they can choose between 5 different models. The fun of this suitcase is that when the child gets tired, he can climb on it and sit while the parents pull the suitcase.

Ride-on suitcase on AMAZON

Marvel children’s suitcases

For slightly older children, a 4-wheel suitcase with designs of their favorite characters will be very well received.

Disney children’s suitcases

A classic that never fails are Disney designs and especially Mickey and Minnie. With this type of suitcase, you will surely succeed.

Luminous children’s suitcases

Another option is children’s suitcases that glow in the dark like this example. It can be used both to go on a trip and to go to school, making it a great combinable option. The good thing about this suitcase is that it has a USB port to recharge your mobiles and it is also waterproof.

Trolley with USB charger

Funny this suitcase that carries a USB charger. Its original designs will make it a highly coveted suitcase for children.

Children’s suitcases scooting

For the most daring, this suitcase will be their downfall. It is a suitcase with an integrated scooter that folds easily, with a height-adjustable handlebar. The suitcase has the size of a cabin, so in addition to carrying your clothes, you can move around by skating.

Suitcase scooting in AMAZON

There are countless models of children’s suitcases, but what we wanted to show you in this post are the varieties of suitcases that exist and for all ages. Now all you have to do is find the one you like the most and above all… Enjoy the journey that begins!

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