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Valentine’s Day crafts with children

Although Valentine’s Day is especially aimed at couples, any excuse is perfect to carry out activities with our children. Let’s not forget that this day is when we celebrate love and friendship, and that applies to everyone. Especially this day full of color and hearts are part of our day.

Let’s prepare the scissors and colored cardboard, let’s look for decorations so that this day is a very special day in our lives.

Valentine cards

On Valentine’s Day, the most popular gift is flowers, so let’s start with a bouquet of paper hearts, like the one we’ve seen on Makes and Takes, a page where we’ve seen several very original ideas.

In a matter of cards we will be able to offer them the opportunity to develop their imagination to the maximum. We know that the reason is the hearts, because then any background will be valid for hearts to appear.

Another card that we have located in www.gigglesgalore.net of the most original could be one of this type.

Friendship necklaces

A gift for a special friend will always be well received. Let’s start putting balls and with felt or other materials we put hearts in these necklaces.

Hanging hearts

With this craft they will have fun cutting and decorating at the same time. Get different cardboard or colored paper, they will have to perforate them with a hole punch that they use in class and then simply put the cord that they like the most.

Heart garlands are also very well received for the same reason, because in addition to capturing the motif, they will decorate the rooms.

Fun Valentine’s Ideas

We’ve found some fun and original ideas that might catch your eye. We show you some of them like this funny clamp.

Sweets inside hearts will also be fun, always remembering that sweets will be taken in moderation. A vase full of lollipops in hearts, everyone will love it.

If you want to alternate other types of candies, these would be valid for example.

Felt bouquet with hearts

For the most skilled this bouquet will be beautiful, made with wire rods and felt of different colors.

Fuente: liagriffith

As you have seen, there are countless options to make, this special day, crafts with the little ones and not so little ones in the house. Happy Valentines!

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