Micropolix – the city of children in Madrid

Micropolix, is a children’s city dedicated to educational leisure for boys and girls from 4 to 14 years old. It is a scale city tailored for children. Within its 12,000 m2 it has thirty themed spaces. Adults do not interact in this center and it is the children themselves who make the city work. They are the citizens of this city.

Micropolix has its own streets, streetlights, banks, town hall, hospital, supermarket, television set, plane, police, fire station and you can even get a driver’s license from the city of Micropolix to drive mini cars within this city.

For a few hours, your children will become doctors, postmen, journalists, bankers, etc. For a day they will become adults and have rules of coexistence and even have their own money called Eurix that they will have earned in one of the jobs work that they can take part after having previously learned this trade.

As soon as they arrive in the city, each child is given a passport where they can complete activities and once they are finished they will put a stamp on them. Citizens are divided into three groups according to their age. Tourists are adults, who can also access and participate in some activities, being able to accompany the little ones but not take part in general decisions or activities.

Activities that adults can do together with their children are such as the Quadventure.

On the tour of the city you may be surprised by the magician who walks through the city performing magic tricks.

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