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Cooking with the kids on Valentine’s Day

Special dates are perfect to surprise everyone and especially children. On this occasion we are going to make, together with them, some fun and very appropriate recipes for Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast valentine’s day

This delicious breakfast has a very simple preparation. We will only need a heart-shaped mold to cut the bread. If we do not have such a mold, we can also try to make the shapes with a knife or scissors. We can fill them with the jam that you like the most, as it would be in this case of strawberry.

Another sandwich suggestion could be this one made with ham, turkey, sausage and cheese, cut into a heart shape. If you want something more salty instead of sweet, here we have another option.

Pizza heart

It’s really fun to make a pizza with the kids. For Valentine’s Day, we are going to make it in the shape of a heart and put the ingredients that you prefer. Pizzas to everyone’s taste but pizzas with love.

Valentine’s Day Sandwich

A sandwich for breakfast or snack or even dinner is another great opportunity for the little ones in the house to enjoy making loving shapes with the ingredients.

If you want to add a fried egg, it is easy to make the shape of the heart with a metal mold that we can put in the pan or silicone if you do it in the microwave.

Tea cakes

Another possibility is to make some delicious heart-shaped tea cakes. With this option they will greatly enjoy getting involved in the kitchen, beating, kneading with flour and cutting the pieces with the appropriate mold.

Valentine’s Day Cake

A classic that can not miss, are the cakes. With imagination we can create with the children many varieties of special cakes for such an endearing day.


And if you don’t want to complicate yourself with a cake, you can opt for some specially decorated muffins.

Valentine’s Day Muffins

We hope that any of the proposed options will inspire you to give free rein to your imagination and, together with your children, carry out a fun activity for Valentine’s Day.

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