Crafts – A Christmas Fireplace

In this post, we are going to see how to create a Christmas fireplace in a very simple way so that we can recreate the Christmas decoration of our home in a complete way. Children will love being able to hang their Christmas socks in the fireplace and decorating it to your liking will also be fantastic. We have taken the idea of ​​Leroy Merlin where you can also find all the necessary materials.

Most homes do not have a fireplace to decorate, and that is why Christmas is a great opportunity to give your home a warmer touch during a family time.

Of course, the ideal is that this craft is made jointly by adults and children, so that they participate and also feel proud of the final result.

Materials for the Christmas fireplace

The materials that we will use will be: four cardboard boxes, a roll of wallpaper with a brick wall drawing, masking tape, scissors and then all the Christmas decorations that you want to include.

With the four cardboard boxes we will assemble the pieces in this way:

As you can see, we will not tape the two boxes that serve as pillars, since we are going to cover them with the wallpaper with a brick drawing separately.

First we will cover the pillars with the brick paper.

Later we will cover the boxes above with pieces of paper, since the paper is not so wide.

For the back of the fireplace we will use another cardboard cover that we will later place as a fireplace wall.

Christmas fireplace interior

An option that to give life to the interior of the Christmas fireplace, is to use candles that have batteries in different formats.

You can also create a fire with different rolls of Eva rubber in this way that we put below:

Use your imagination to decorate the interior of the fireplace with lights, but taking into account that in no case can they be objects that can burn. The most convenient are battery-operated decorations.

Decoration socks

What you should is hang the Christmas socks for each family member of our Christmas fireplace. You can make or buy them, although our suggestion is that you also make them with children, giving each sock its personal touch.

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