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Marionettes and Puppets – Educational and Family Fun

Whether they are very young children or adults, putting on a homemade show with puppets or marionettes is a fun but also educational activity. Marionettes and puppets transmit moral values ​​to children and even the most shy to open up and communicate. They expand the child’s vocabulary, stimulate understanding, logic, memory.

Through marionettes and puppets, in addition to having fun, the child finds a way to learn rules of behavior, feelings and solutions to problems in situations in which he is immersed.

They also develop creativity and imagination. Children can create their own stories, deciding what the puppets will say or what actions they will have to act out. Values ​​such as tolerance, generosity or kindness will be represented through the game thanks to the marionettes and puppets.

Finally, they develop fine motor skills, since by putting them in motion with their hands or fingers they practice their motor skills.

We are going to show you different marionettes and interesting puppets that we have found, but also bear in mind that making them as a craft is also an interesting activity to do with our children.

Finger puppets

We start with finger puppets that are operated with the fingers of the hands and can be used by children from the first years of life. This 28-piece pack includes different family characters, as well as animals.

Plush puppets

Puppets can also be stuffed with children’s favorite characters. In this case they will use them with the whole hand. In this case we have found these Sesame Street puppets, where you can choose not just one but several different ones.


For when the children are a little older, puppets are an excellent option. They are made of different materials: wood, plastic, silicones and moved by threads that are hooked on a wooden crosshead. In this type of puppet they will also develop different skills to give life to the character. They are also a precious decorative element for your rooms.

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