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Tree adventures – enjoying nature

Nature is the perfect place to enjoy with children. A place where they can let off steam, where they will not be on the couch playing with mobile phones or game consoles, where they will interact with the environment, breathe fresh air and give free rein to their imagination. If we also exercise with them, such as tree adventures, then in addition to having guaranteed fun, we will increase family ties.

In this type of place, children develop their physical and motor skills, knowing their limits and generating self-confidence. In the Spanish geography they are distributed in practically all the provinces in natural environments with a remarkable attraction.

We are going to suggest some of the most emblematic places in Spain, where you can carry out this type of activity.

Amazonia – Pyrenees

Here you will find 72 games in the trees and 16 zip lines divided into 5 adventure circuits: Infantile, Kids, Explorer, Adventure and Sports. The children’s area, where the youngest (4-7 years old) enter, can imitate the older ones at ground level, in fact they do not wear harnesses. And all the tours end in large zip lines that cross the meadow.

Biescas Adventure – Huesca

In this place you will find 9 circuits of different levels with more than 80 games. With the entrance to this park you can enjoy a maximum of 3 hours of adventure and activities such as canyoning, rappelling, bathing in natural pools, hiking or even visits to the traditional mountain village.

Biescas Adventure

Rías Baixas Adventure – Galicia

This park is located in an exceptional place, located in the coastal area of ​​the Rías Baixas. It is a new concept of leisure, adventure and active tourism taking advantage of natural resources. It is located in the middle of a beautiful forest overlooking the Pontevedra estuary and has two different areas, the Atalaia Ecopark and the Marín Ecopark.

Tirolinas Go- Madrid

In the town of Guadarrama, Madrid province, this park has more than twenty hectares full of adventure. It also has five zip lines over the water where we can admire the landscape. It has a Family circuit suitable for the whole family.

Tirolinas Go

Between Branches – Cádiz

Located in Cádiz you will find 18,000 meters of pine forests divided into 70 games for the whole family. Very close to the beaches it has 7 multi-adventure circuits, among which are zip lines, bridges, Tarzan lianas, flying car and spider web.

You can find this type of tree adventures activities to where you live or where you spend your holidays, from the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, La Rioja, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha or Andalusia. Locate the adventure park where you can enjoy with your family and be sure that it will be an experience difficult to forget.

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