New Year’s Eve At Home With Kids – Fun Ideas

New Year’s Eve is primarily a holiday geared towards adults. Normally when the bell rings, many children are already sleeping but despite this, there are more ways to enjoy New Year’s Eve with children.

Costumes on New Years Eve

Suggest that your children celebrate a costume party on that special night, or even party dresses. That night there are all the costumes allowed, the glitters, sequins, tinsel, masks, etc … and they can even put on makeup or ask you to paint their faces with their favorite character. Later it touches the pass of models where all will be the judges of the others.

Disco at home with the kids

With the music playlist that includes the favorite songs of both children and adults, it is time to dance on New Years Eve. You can decorate the chosen place with disco lights to give it more color. If someone knows how to play an instrument, or sing or perform a choreography, it is time to show off. In this case you can also do a contest where prize sweets are allowed only for this special night.

Create a camp on New Years Eve

Another suggestion is to set up a home-made camp for that day together, where you can serve the children’s dinner with dishes that they especially like to welcome the arrival of the new year. And if it also serves so that you can sleep there that night … much better!

Pajamas for all

Let’s go with the last idea of ​​this post. Dare and have everyone wear fun pajamas for dinner that night. They are also valid jerseys, or t-shirts, but that everyone wears it for that New Year’s Eve. If you add a good party favors, with streamers and confetti, you will have been able to finish with great enthusiasm that last dinner of the year that ends with a lot of fun and joy for everyone.

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