Traveling to Cuba with children

If you are thinking of spending your vacation on the island of Cuba, where it seems that time has stopped and you are thinking of it being a family trip, we are going to reveal to you why traveling to Cuba with children will be a great family experience.

Cuba will surprise you by the facades of its historic neighborhoods, the cars that you will see driving through Havana seem to come out of a movie from the 60s but above all, the people in Cuba are very friendly, affectionate and they turn to tourists.

Places like Varadero and Cayo Santa María have exquisite beaches, which is one more reason not to miss this wonderful island and its culture.

Havana, a door to the past

In Havana, capital of the Cuban Republic, its historic center is a World Heritage Site, due to the great conservation of its streets and squares. Its Museums, Cathedrals, Traveling Theater and cobbled streets, place us in an atmosphere of the 60s where it seems that time has stopped.

It is precisely in Havana, where children can also enjoy the Fortress of San Carlos de la Caballa. This colossal fort has museums, battlements and a nightly cannon ceremony with soldiers in period clothes. You can also not miss the Castle of San Pedro de la Roca del Morro, declared a World Heritage Site and located in Santiago, being famous for its pirate museum.

The Castillo de la Real Fuerza, which is in the very center of Havana, has a moat, observation posts and models of Spanish galleons that will attract the attention of everyone but especially the infants of the house.

Varadero and Cayo Santa María

Cuba keeps great paradisiacal jewels, and among them its keys, which are small islands with shallow water beaches formed on the surface of a coral reef, with white sand and crystal clear waters, are ideal to enjoy paradise with the family.

Cayo Santa María has 10 km of practically virgin beaches, where we will also find the second largest coral reef in the world. Snorkeling thanks to the shallow depth, it is perfect for the inexperienced or practicing it with children.

In this environment of great beauty you can visit idyllic natural landscapes with the whole family and especially with children. The exuberant nature with an immense variety of species has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

If you decide to go between May and September, they will be the nesting months and with the children you can play at becoming marine biologists by taking night-time observation excursions. You will not regret traveling to Cuba with children!

Traveling to Cuba with children, there are more excursions and more attractions

If you are going to spend more days in Cuba, with the children you can take many excursions such as visiting the stone zoo near Baracoa, with more than 300 stone animal sculptures.

Also take a tour in an old steam train for example in Holguín or else in Cayo Coco, where you visit places that are more picturesque including the intriguing wild boar cave. Another excursion could be to visit the Tortoise Farm in Cayo Largo, where you will learn about the life of this peculiar reptile.

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