Going on a Family Picnic – Tips for a Perfect Day

With the sun’s rays coming out, without excessive heat and wanting to breathe fresh air, for children there are few things comparable to spending a day in the countryside, playing freely, near rivers or swamps and of course going on a family picnic is most motivating.

Tips for going on a picnic

The two rules for everything to be perfect would be:

The first is not to carry excessive or bulky weight. By this we mean that although wicker baskets are very nice to go on a picnic, they are not really practical if we go with children. It is best to carry backpacks to distribute the weight well on the shoulders. There are insulated backpacks to keep drinks cool. It is necessary to bring prepared food, such as potato omelettes, sandwiches or sandwiches, croquettes, empanadas, salads, etc.

The second is to wear suitable and comfortable footwear with a firm sole to avoid slipping when the terrain is not completely flat. A hat and sunscreen is also essential so that going on a picnic does not become a bad experience.

Picnic spots

To go on a picnic with children, it is advisable to find one of the many places near the cities that are prepared for it. They will have their parking area, picnic areas and if there is a river or a swamp, then fun is guaranteed. It will be necessary to ensure that they are bathroom areas where it does not cover excessively and of course always have the smallest of the house monitored and controlled.

If there are no places to take a dip, it is advisable to have fountains to cool off and areas of sun and shade to lie down with a blanket to rest.

Games on a country day

If we go with other friendly families or if our family has several children, we can play family games such as the game of the handkerchief, children’s gymkhanas, water balloons, etc.

Bringing some objects to play games would be a great idea, such as cards or dice so that when they are calm they can play fun games. If the parking area is not far away, balls are always one of the best resources. For the little ones, carrying some shovels and buckets with their toys will keep them distracted in the moments that we want to be more relaxed.

The important thing is that the whole family participate in outdoor games so that going on a picnic with children becomes a great experience and a perfect day.

When are we going on a picnic?

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