The Black Forest – Nature and fun without limits

The Black Forest is located in the southwestern part of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in all of Germany. Children especially will greatly enjoy these green landscapes with total freedom.

Its landscape is approximately 160 km from north to south and 60 km from east to west. This area is famous for its large expanses of forests but also for its cuckoo clocks, hot springs, trails, waterfalls, lakes, charming villages and let’s not forget to mention its famous Black Forest cherry tart.

In this post we will give a few brief touches of the beautiful places in this region.


We start with this charming town that is typical of this area of ​​Germany, where a walk along its stream will set us on our journey.


Allerheiligen Monastery

The Allerheiligen waterfalls are reputed to be one of the most beautiful in the Black Forest. We will see how the water rushes along seven waterfalls of about 90 meters high.



This town with its cobblestone streets and flower-filled wooden framed houses was the town chosen to shoot Tim Burton’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie. One of the essential towns to visit in the Black Forest.



Another Black Forest must see is the spa town of Baden-Baden and its Belle Epoque atmosphere.

In this city, both adults and children can enjoy the Caracalla Therme hot springs, with its pools, hot water waterfalls and countercurrent water circuit.


A city that is a shopping paradise without forgetting to visit its famous casino.


Lake Mummel is an idyllic lake at the foot of the highest mountain in the northern part of the Black Forest, the Hornisgrinde. It is a beautiful circular lake of glacial origin.

Mummel Lake

The Black Forest has endless essential places to visit such as the Hohenzollern Sigmaringen castle, the fairytale castle overlooking the Danube, but as it is a family trip we can finish our trip with the best amusement park in Germany, Europa Park.

Europa Park

This amusement park is located on the border between Germany, France and Switzerland, closest to Alsace.

It is divided into 18 subject areas, of which 15 represent a different European country. In each area you will see typical architecture of the different countries.


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