Terrifying Crafts – Halloween Special!

The scariest night of the year arrives where little vampires, zombies, witches and monsters take center stage. Decorating your house with terrifying crafts made with the little ones is an addition and incentive to spend special moments with the children.

We are going to give you ideas of the different terrifying and fun crafts that you can create together, preparing in this way the arrival of that much desired night of the little ones in the house.

Ghostly candle holders

They will surely have reusable glass jars at home. Notice how easy it will be to create these candle holders with toilet paper, fabric scraps, bandages or lace that you have at home. You will find the eyes in any oriental or craft store and you already have the ghostly candle holders.

Candle holder

You can also line the jars with cotton and place, for example, a plastic spider tangled in the cotton.

Terrifying crafts with plates

The disposable plates give a lot of play, since in addition to depositing food you can also use them as the basis of the following craft. You can line them in such a way that they look like Halloween decorations.

Terrifying paper crafts

Creating terrifying eyes has never been easier. White paper made into balls, colored cardboard scissors and glue is the only thing you will need and you can have a lot of creepy eyes in a tray at home.

Paper roll garlands

Another suggestion that we make is to decorate with markers, cardboard, adhesive eyes, etc. .. with the tubes of the toilet paper rolls. Then you will have to make a hole and with a string join them to form a fun garland.

Another type of garlands that you can make will be those made simply with colored cardboard. In this case you can join them to the string with tweezers to give it more originality.

The banners can also be downloaded online, but we think it’s more fun if you make them yourself.

Finally, show you a suggestion for the garlands of lights that you may have at home. Creating fabric ghosts with felt-tipped eyes tied with string around the garland balls will give it a very Halloween-appropriate atmosphere.

Now you can start preparing the materials so that the smallest of the house can enjoy Halloween before their arrival and during the most terrifying night of the year.

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