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Children and horses – Motivation without limits!

Horses provide opportunities for motivation, education, enjoyment, improving quality of life. They promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits.

Experiences with horses provide internal, experiential and energetic elements that have a great positive impact on children’s lives, without forgetting the enjoyment and connection they create.

Activities in nature teach children respect and love for animals, also creating a relationship of complicity, trust and mutual respect.

Experiences such as brushing horses is a fun way to learn to care for and respect animals, specifically horses.

Contact and interaction with horses represents a very effective therapy for children with disabilities. The fact of riding a horse provides a great motor benefit at the muscular and respiratory level.

It is a highly recommended experience that every child should live.

Horse riding – Horses and sport

The sport with horses is a very complete sport that children can start practicing from the age of 4. This sport consists of several disciplines, some very active and exciting, others more relaxed: dressage, dressage, show jumping, Raid, Full, Polo, among others.

Horse riding tones and strengthens the muscles of the back, buttocks, abdominals, shoulder girdle, upper and lower limbs mainly. It also develops perceptual-motor skills such as balance and coordination.

Thanks to the practice of horse riding, children learn to manage their fears, or make decisions, gaining self-confidence. Dealing with horses helps them to have a lot of patience and self-control, since when they ride they are very attentive to every gesture of the pony or horse.

You have to take into account a good professional trainer, to prepare the children and obtain a good base that allows them to develop fluency and firmness in the exercises. The coach will prevent them from taking fears or hobbies that are difficult to remove. You have to trust good equine professionals.

Let the children get close to the horses and live a wonderful experience in a unique environment such as nature.

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