Tips for traveling by plane with children for the first time

You have planned a wonderful trip where the whole family will enjoy a well-deserved rest, but this time you have to travel by plane. Fears begin to think that for the smallest of the house, it will be their first time and this can excite or terrify them … Do not worry! We are going to give you some tips for traveling by plane with children for the first time.

Show them how exciting to fly

Through books or stories it is a good idea to make them see how positive and exciting it is. See images of airplanes, even a children’s movie about airplanes. Tell them that they will cross the skies, they will cross the clouds, they will see everything in a tiny way through the window … And once on the plane, tell them to try to see your house and see if they can find it.

Play pilots

Through games, if they feel like pilots or stewardesses, they will become familiar with what an airplane is, so then when they see it it will attract a lot of attention and it will be like another game.


Do not forget the most essential, take lots of toys, coloring books, his favorite doll. And as part of what to bring from your suitcase, bring a separate change on the plane, vomit bags, wet wipes, water, candy that they will take just before taking off or landing to avoid earaches.

Go to the airport on time, without haste, with peace of mind. The most recommended thing is that you go with the printed boarding pass, so as not to have any setbacks at the airport. Children perceive the stress of the elderly, therefore you have to go very relaxed.

Let them vent before boarding by taking a walk or going to the toilet so they don’t have to get up excessively when sitting on the plane.

On the plane

Inside the plane, everything is exciting but calm. Without disturbing him, explain each of the things that will happen and make him live it as a game. Takeoff is shocking, so if you invite him to count how long it takes for the plane to start flying, it can be a great way to keep him from freaking out.

And do not forget, indicate that there are people sitting in front and behind. You have to behave well and be polite with the stewardess. Let’s see her excited face looking out the window because the adventure begins!

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