Games at home with children – Fun and imagination

There are many original and fun games to spend a great afternoon at home as a family. Although the children can be distracted by themselves, it is a fantastic plan if we invite them to “game afternoon” with the grown-ups.

We are going to take a tour of the games at home that can be very attractive for young and old.

Let’s get started!

Looking for the treasure

This game in which you only need your imagination, is one of my favorites. It consists of writing clues on different papers, in such a way that one role leads to another. Clues can be quizzes or riddles. I assure you they will be excited.

Let’s take an example: in the first paper it can be “how cold it is brrrr”, this will make them go to look for the next clue in a very cold place. It’s the fridge! Would you have guessed it? If they make a mistake they will not find it until they find the right place and there will be the second clue, let’s put another example: “What a dream I have”. Under the pillow!

Clue after clue at the end you get to the treasure, and the treasure can be something that makes you excited, for example a chocolate coin. The tracks will be more or less easy depending on the age. Do you feel like playing?

Blow with straw

Let’s go with another fun game to play at home, in this case it is a game of skill. We will need colored tape or plasticine, a straw and a ball.

It is about looking for a place in the house where we can stick the adhesive tape without damaging the floor or else we will use the plasticine. We will make two parallel lanes with curves, corners … it is a whole journey that the length and difficulty will depend on the age.

Once done, blowing with the straw they will have to direct the ball inside the two lanes to the finish line. Whoever gets out of the lane has to start over. Who will get there first?

There are many variants of this game. The circuit can be a spiral as well, or another circuit can be formed with clay bumps. It’s all a matter of finding the most fun together.

Don’t step on the ground!

Another fun game to play at home requires only sheets of paper, if they are colored it will give more interest to the game. Now it is about sticking the leaves on the ground in such a way that there is room to jump over them without touching the ground. Whoever reaches the goal in less time … wins!

In this game you also have many possibilities. Groups of leaves of a single color or of a specific figure can be formed, and the challenge will be to jump only on the “green” leaves or those that have “four-legged animals” or those that “contain the number five”.

As you can see, the themes can be very diverse and unlimited.

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