Homemade inventions with children – Have fun learning

Children like everything that surprises them, but more if what surprises them has been created by them. Making homemade inventions with children is a fun, surprising, lucrative and educational activity.

We are going to propose some inventions that you can make together with your children and that will make you spend really special moments.

Invisible ink messages

Making invisible ink is a lot of fun because it encourages imagination. Sending secret messages to friends or family is an imaginative and creative game. This is one of the homemade inventions that they will want to promote.

To do this we will need some materials that are: lemon, paper, a clean brush or cotton swab and a desk lamp. Squeeze a small lemon and then dip the brush or stick into the container (the lemon juice will be used as ink). Write on the sheet of paper with the cotton bud filled with lemon juice and wait for it to dry.

To read the hidden message, you will need to apply heat to the paper. Turn on the lamp and hold the paper close to the bulb, so that the bulb heats up the paper. The heat from the light bulb will cause what you wrote to darken so that invisible messages can be read.

More Homemade Inventions – Cloud in a Glass of Water

Learning a little about clouds and how the rain falls with this simple experiment is something that will fascinate the little ones.

The materials you will need are: shaving cream or foam for the hair, a glass, water, food coloring or watercolor, dropper or pipette or small spoon.

Fill the glass 2/4 full with cold tap water. Use the foam to create a cloud on the surface of the water and wait a minute for the foam to settle. Then add several drops of the food coloring on top of the foam cloud. As the cloud becomes heavier from the dye, you will see the dye fall into the water creating an effect similar to rain.

Sweet crystals

Let’s go with an invention that we will call “the sweet side of science.” We are going to create sugar crystals.

The materials we will need are: a piece of string, 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of boiling water, 1 glass jar, 1 pencil, kitchen string, food coloring.

With your help, he will fill the jar or glass with boiling water and food coloring. Then the sugar is slowly added until it does not dissolve. Tie the string to the pencil and generously rub sugar over the string, place the pencil in the mouth of the glass or jar allowing the string to hang in the sugar water. Put the glass in a warm place and leave it sugary for a week or more. At the end of the week you will see sugar crystals forming on the rope.

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