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Chinese food to cook with children

Chinese food is very fun and attractive to children. The fact of eating it with chopsticks, or the flavor where so many essences are combined, is especially interesting for their palates.

Chinese food includes delicious dishes suitable for all audiences, especially children. By preparing it with very little fat, and including the mixture of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates, they make it a healthy meal for the little ones in the house.

If we also prepare these delicious dishes with the children in the kitchen, it will be a good opportunity to make different and fun recipes that everyone will like. That is why we are going to propose one of the most typical recipes of Chinese food so that you can prepare it with the children, and it will be an experience that you will undoubtedly repeat.

Rice to the three delights, the quintessential Chinese food

Rice with three delights is undoubtedly a Chinese food dish that is always present and everyone loves it. Let’s start with the necessary ingredients:

  • 400 grams of rice
  • 2 carrots
  • 50 g of peas
  • 3 eggs
  • York ham
  • Seed oil
  • Soy or salt
  • Water to cook
  • Sugar

First of all we will boil water in a saucepan and when it starts to boil we will add the rice and cook for 12 minutes. After this time we drain it and rinse under the water tap to remove the starch, in this way it will be loose.

In the same saucepan we will pour water again to cook the whole peeled carrots until when we prick them we see that they are soft. Drain and let cool. In that same water we now cook the peas for a couple of minutes and with the help of a strainer we take them out.

Now we will make a French omelette with the eggs and add a little sugar and a small splash of soy. Mix well and cook until done. Later we reserve it. Now we will cut cubes of york ham, the tortilla and the carrot.

In a frying pan, pour seed oil and sauté the ham, then add the carrot and peas.

Finally, we will add the drained rice and sauté with soy or salt. The last thing we will throw in the pan is the French omelette. All that remains is to mix everything and serve.

You can add chicken or any ingredient that you may fancy to the rice with the three delights. It is a dish that admits all kinds of meats and vegetables.

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