Today you have decided to play games at home because it is raining, because a member of the family is more tired, or because you just feel like it. This game is very appetizing for the whole family and with a little simple preparation it is a success.

Remember that games at home with the whole family, in addition to creating family bonds, are an excellent opportunity to share fun away from daily tasks and obligations. For all this they are really positive and necessary.

Preparing the games at home

The best thing is that the adults begin preparing what will be the great treasure hunt. We start by thinking about what the treasure can be, although we already anticipate that the simple fact of finding what we will call “treasure” is the motivation but it is not the end of this family challenge.

What we need is: pencil, paper, markers, masking tape and a good shot of imagination.

The treasure can be, from a chocolate coin, to a redeemable prize one weekend such as: “voucher to go to the zoo” or “voucher to go to the movies”.

Running the bases

It is about finding a hidden treasure in our house, solving different clues. When the children are given the first clue, they must decipher the hidden message to go to the next clue. We will give you some examples of tracks, but as we said, you have to rekindle your imagination because they are all possible.

The first role that children can be given is to draw a map of your house so that with the map they can locate the first of the clues. After that first track, all the others will go. Sometimes they will be riddles or riddles, but others will be the execution of different tests.

You can make them with drawings if they are very small or look for more complex clues if they are older.

You will have to think of places that are well known to children, with the appropriate difficulty for their age.


We have given you some bases to play this type of game at home. Which will delight the whole family and will make you spend a really great afternoon.