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Make bracelets, a very fun craft!

A craft that children love is making bracelets. It is an activity where especially in summer, with the arrival of the holidays, they will enjoy it more since they will be able to put them on with total freedom.

Share this craft with the children, which will be very creative for them and will let their imagination fly. A fun activity that you can share with children of different ages but that will excite everyone.

Possible materials

The materials that we can use have a wide range of varieties. They can make rubber band bracelets, double rubber bands, make them with fabrics or old t-shirts, paper, cords or even with ice cream sticks.

But in this post we are going to focus on a more specific type and that are very simple to make to give you an idea, they are rubber band bracelets.

The age at which they will be able to make them will be from 4 years old, and as you can imagine, if they are somewhat older they will be able to create the most original designs. These bracelets also help them develop their manual skills and entertain them without resorting to technology.

Rubber band bracelets

To make the rubber band bracelets, you will need colored rubber bands, clothespins and a piece of plastic to close the bracelet (this piece usually comes in the bags that are sold with the rubber bands).

You can find complete kits on the market like the ones we show you below. The prices vary depending on the number of pieces that they bring, but all are valid to carry out this fun activity.

Imagination and creativity have no limits. Get ready to spend a great family day sharing this creative craft.

Kit pulseras en AMAZON

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