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Advent Calendars – Christmas Crafts

We can now schedule a day to make Advent calendars. Doing these crafts with the children is very exciting, it is fun and they are extremely excited to prepare for the arrival of December.

We can make an Advent calendar with many different materials, but what everyone should have is 24 numbered containers or cards, one for each day, in which to hide whatever you want: sweets, chocolates, small gifts, messages, etc.

Advent calendars also serve as a Christmas tree or Christmas ornament.

Let’s see some examples of what we can make with children.

Advent calendars as a Christmas tree

This type of calendar made with 5 branches that we can find in the field, requires that we make decorated Christmas boots with felt. With numbered posters, red ribbons and battery-operated led lights we will have our Advent calendar.

Advent calendars with boxes

Another model that we can use is to create empty boxes adorned by the little ones. They should be numbered and although the boxes are of a specific size, their content may be smaller than the box or perhaps occupy the entire box. The surprise factor is assured.

Advent calendars with toilet paper rolls

The toilet paper rolls give a lot of play to make this craft. If at the base we staple them and hang strips of lights, or colored ribbons or even drawings made by them are a good way for them to develop their creativity. If later with colored clips we attach them to a rope, we will have our Christmas calendar.

With cardboard

Let’s go with another suggestion, how to start with materials as simple as the cardboard itself. On this occasion we will make the head of the reindeer with cones made with cardboard, we can put moving eyes or paint them and for the nose a red pompom will enchant them. For the horns we can use black felt or black cardboard.

Another proposal also for the reindeer can be this model made entirely with felt where the moving eyes and red balls will stick as a nose.

By way of envelopes

Another suggestion is to make them with colored envelopes decorated by them. Remember that they must always be numbered. This time the surprise they will find should be in the form of messages and perhaps the message itself will tell them where they will find their surprise. This mode also has the function of subsequent play as if it were a treasure hunt.

Little houses

For slightly older children, offering them the challenge of creating houses decorated by them can be the most fun.


With lined and decorated matchboxes they will also be useful for this craft with children.

Geometric figures

And finally we are going to show you another way to make Advent calendars with such nice figures as elves or Santa himself.

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