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Museums with children – Quite an experience!

We suppose that many times you have visited museums and you have wanted to do it with children, but perhaps you have doubts if they will get bored or if, on the contrary, they will enjoy it.

Visiting museums with children is quite an experience and of course children will enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what kind of museum it is, they will all enjoy it equally, although perhaps the difference is that at first glance one type of museum will attract more attention than others.

What museums catch your attention?

We know our children, and we know what catches their attention and what tastes they have. If you are fascinated by airplanes, you will greatly enjoy the aviation museum, and if you like trains, you will be happy at the railway museum.

For all themes, there are museums that adapt or that you can adapt. Let’s take an example: if your child loves horses, you can visit the Museum of Natural Sciences but you can also visit the art museum where you will have to locate the horses that you like the most in the exhibited paintings. What do you think about the idea?

Interactive museums are museums that give children a lot of play, since they can interact with objects and discover how they work.

Before going to the museums

Days before going to the chosen museum, we recommend that you do some preliminary work at home. If, for example, you are going to go to an art museum, tell the little one who painted any of the paintings that you are going to see, as a story or story. In this way when he sees it in the museum, he will love it and surely he will be the one to tell you the story.

It is advisable to prepare the ground days before the visit, so that you can enjoy it much more.

Also inform yourself before the visit about the activities that can be carried out in the museum with children. There are many museums that offer workshops, guided family tours, storytelling. It is advisable to have everything booked in advance to also avoid queues with children on the same day of the visit.

The expected day

Plan the visit to the museum during a time when your child is receptive. That you don’t go sleepy or hungry is important. And remember to go to the bathroom before starting the visit.

The first thing will be to explain the rules well so that they are respectful inside the museum (do not touch, do not run or do not shout are important aspects to take into account).

Do not pretend to see everything in the museum at your own pace, because with them the rhythm is set by the children. Doing unexpected activities with children while you visit is an added bonus. We give you an example: if you walk past a lion at the natural sciences museum, ask it to imitate it and so on with different animals. This is the way to visit the museum with children, since what we do is see the museum through their eyes.

It is interesting to rest doing other activities such as a garden, benches, or even going outside for a while.

And all that remains is to enjoy the moment and when the day is over, make a reminder of everything you have seen or done. It will be an unforgettable day for everyone.

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