Slime – The Fun Fashionable Craft

Slime, this kind of homemade “soft toy” that can be made with a wide variety of products and is one of the favorite crafts of children.

Playing with non-toxic slime is a relaxing activity with many benefits for young and old. The slime helps regulate and channel emotions by relieving stress. The fact of manipulating it without completely destroying it stimulates this action. Another benefit is that they discover scientific experiments. As they are educational dyes, they will be able to experiment with peace of mind and learn about molecules, polymers, viscosity, reactions, etc. when they mix certain substances with others. It is a tactile and sensory game, making you explore your senses. It takes concentration to create something that is magical to them.

Although in social networks there are many tutorials on how to make slime, you will have to be sure that the products that are used for it are not toxic since many of those that indicate are harmful and harmful, when manipulated with the hands.

In the market they already sell different kits for their preparation, which have passed security controls and are not harmful to your health. Below we will show you the best valued on Amazon:

Ice cream kit

With this kit you can make fluffy ice cream, fluffy, butter, cloud slime.

Full kit

This other kit is made with good materials that meet the EU toy requirements. It has 24 colors and 48 glitters. It includes air-dried clay and different tools for its elaboration.


This kit contains glow-in-the-dark stars and colors like pink, purple, and blue. The glitter is used to create a cosmic slime for scientific activities. It has very high ratings on Amazon of almost 3,400 reviews.

If you want to have children over 5 years of age engaged in something creative that they are excited about, there is no doubt that with this craft you will succeed.

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