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Ideas for a fun carnival at home with children

In February it is time for children and adults to enjoy a fun party. Carnival is coming! It is very likely that in your city, or in your neighborhood, carnival is celebrated in some way. Parades, costume contests, masquerades and street performances with floats and music give these celebrations a very popular air.

Fantasy, imagination and lots of fun at carnival

Thinking of carnival is like a game that allows us all to be protagonists. For all this it is important that we listen to our children so that on this day especially, they choose the character they want to play.

For our part, we must take into account the age of the child to know what materials are suitable for his costume. For the little ones, we must adapt it to their comfort, and to make it easy to remove and put on. On the other hand, for the older ones, we can give more free rein to the materials that are chosen.

On this day fantasy and imagination have no limits. There is no established standard to choose a costume, today anything goes. It’s going to be a day of lots of fun!

Make a costume at home

It is true that we can find endless costumes already made and buy them directly, but it is much more motivating to do it at home.

We can take advantage of these celebrations to make costumes together with our children. It will be enough to have some materials to give the costume more realism, but practically the entire costume could be made at home.

In this sense we have different possibilities:

  • We can organize a costume contest at home. To do this, we will gather all kinds of fabrics from all possible materials: scarves, accessories such as masks, hats, wooden swords, etc. Everything will be piled up and when time starts running, everyone, including the older ones, will have to make the funniest costume. The vote to decide the most original and striking costume will be made among all the participants.
  • Another possibility is that when the children explain their favorite costume to us, we will have to give free rein to our imagination to make it at home with them. Everything is possible, and you will discover that it is not a difficult task at all.

Costumes are also valid if they include face painting. Everything is possible!

Virtually all children love to paint their faces with their favorite characters. So in the absence of materials, a great option is to add special children’s makeup to the face. Develop all the imagination!

Carnival days are days of lots of family fun. Take advantage of them to carry out fun activities with the children!

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