Fun Christmas desserts for the little ones

With the arrival of Christmas, there are many activities to do with the smallest of the house and those who are somewhat older. Taking advantage of these Christmas dates for a fun and delicious activity such as making Christmas desserts is quite a feast.

Everyone is going to love this activity and they can also later savor their dessert, loaded with Christmas details. We therefore have to take advantage of this moment and enjoy as a family creating Christmas desserts to everyone’s taste.

Christmas desserts in the form of ice cream

Something very simple to do with the little ones in the house could be a Christmas ice cream. This one that we show you is very simple to make and a few licorice, a cotton cloud, chocolate balls, assorted syrups and a cherry to finish the design will suffice.

Christmas tree with jelly

With the silicone molds that we can easily find in all specialized stores and even in Chinese bazaars, we can get Christmas trees or Christmas figures. In this case we propose to make the tree, prepare a kiwi jelly, decorating it on top with what you like the most.

More Christmas desserts – Bananas Santa

We go with other fruits that everyone likes such as bananas and strawberries, a wonderful combination. On this occasion, sprinkling the banana with lemon juice to prevent it from turning dark, a skewer stick, clouds, nutella and a smartie for the nose finish off our Christmas Santa.

Cookie houses

This time we will look for square cookies, royal icing, lacasitos and sugar decorations (balls, noodles, etc.). We will use the icing as a glue to join the cookies and glue the sweet pieces that we have found. The imagination is served. Let’s see who makes the most original little house.

Oreo lollipops

We can use Oreo cookies to create these endearing snowmen. With a little melted white chocolate, letting them dry (it accelerates if we let them dry in the refrigerator) and then decorating with jelly beans or different sweets or chocolates, we will have these beautiful snowmen, which everyone will want to try.

As you will see, it is not necessary to know how to cook, just use the ingredients that we have at our disposal and with a little imagination, spend a fun afternoon with the little ones in the house so that they themselves decorate their funniest and tastiest Christmas desserts.

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