Mazinger Z – a giant statue in Tarragona

Did you know that there is a giant statue from the mythical “anime” series called Mazinger Z that marked a whole generation? This statue in honor of that robot, whose creation is now 40 years old, is the delight of many parents and children, although at first they do not know who it is.

It will be your rush to tell him who that robot is that a brave commander named Koji Kabuto ordered the phrases of Fists Out! o Glider down! to fight evil.

You must also tell him who Aphrodite A is, Mazinger Z’s partner and explain where he launched his missiles from (if you want). In any case, you will have enough material to excite your child by reliving that memory, which he can see reflected in a giant statue in Tarragona.

Where are you?

In 1979 the company Fontscaldetes, SA ordered the construction of this gigantic Mazinger Z, to promote an attractive urban planning with sports and recreational areas near the Costa Dorada in Tarragona, using the figure of Mazinger Z, since at that time it was the figure fashionable for prospective owners.

This steel and fiberglass figure on reinforced concrete bases was built in the middle of a clearing within a pine forest. Its height is equivalent to four floors of a building.

Finally, urban planning was not carried out, but the figure of Mazinger Z continued to be settled in the same place. This replica is the largest Mazinger Z figure in the world that now accompanies the “Mas de Plata” urbanization.

So now you know what to go to visit with the family if your holiday destination is the beautiful Costa Dorada in Tarragona. Don’t hesitate to stop by to see your childhood hero Mazinger Z!

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