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A water inflatable for a perfect summer

With the arrival of the heat, we seek to be as cool as possible and we achieve this without a doubt, in the water. Especially children enjoy doing activities with water, be it bathing, soaking, splashing, etc. An inflatable water play center is guaranteed fun, where several children can enjoy fun in the water at the same time.

Logically, it requires having space for it, and if that is your case, we are going to show you some of the funniest aquatic inflatables for them, which will cause a sensation and unlimited fun.

Inflatable dinosaur

This inflatable play center measures 31 x 90 x 44 inches. with a capacity of 74 litres.

Inflatable dinosaur on AMAZON

Another dinosaur model could also be this one that we show you. In this case the measurements are 191 x 152 x 58 cm. and the capacity of 143 liters. Designed for 2 children to play.

Dinosaur model on AMAZON

Rainbow Inflatable Play Center

This other model has a measurement of 40.6 x 40.6 x 14 cm. It has two pools, one with a capacity of 201 liters and the other with 227 liters of water. In this case the slide separates both pools.

Inflatable on AMAZON

Another variant of this model is this beautiful design of a garden full of color and drawn flowers. It is ideal. Its measurements are 290 x 180 x 104 cm. and has a capacity of 450 litres.

Garden model on AMAZON

Square Splash Pad

In this case we go with a 68-inch water play mat that, when you include the garden hose, shoots water jets that are the delight of children. The jets reach a height of 1.2 to 4.9 ft. The holes are distributed along the edge of the mat.

Inflatable mat on AMAZON

Fun inflatable pool

We can find simpler but equally fun models. In this case it is an inflatable pool of 156 x 41 cm where the dinosaur shoots a jet of water in the form of a sprinkler. Very fun for everyone.

Pool with sprinkler on AMAZON

Another model would also be this one with less water capacity, but enough to guarantee unlimited fun. In this case it measures 68 inches and the water is only 15 cm deep.

Pool splash pad on AMAZON

Now it will be a matter of deciding which of the inflatable aquatic centers you prefer, knowing that the market offers a wide variety, with very attractive designs for children.

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