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An exciting day at a family farm school

In the school farms for families you will enjoy together with the children participating in agricultural, livestock and artisan work, among many other things, in suitable and conditioned rooms for your visit. A family school farm, it has workshops, orchards, outdoor activities but above all visits and activities with the animals that live on a farm.

In every province you can find more than one school farm that, depending on its location and its surroundings, offers different activities.

In this post as an example, let’s see some of those that are located in one of the Spanish provinces.

Farm school “El Palomar”, Madrid

In the municipality of Chapinería and to the southwest of the capital, we find this school farm that offers interesting activities such as grape treading, cheese making, activities in the garden and with animals. They also have educational programs for all kinds of children, such as craft workshops, stories, pastry and bakery. Other activities that they offer are the visit and exhibitions of birds of prey or excursions even to a Visigothic village.

This school farm has the peculiarity that not only do they organize daily visits but also stays of 2 to 5 days can be scheduled.

Granxa do souto, A Coruña

This farm located in Oritigueira, Coruña has a beautiful place where the protagonists are the horses. You will be able to brush, clean, saddle and put the reins to these animals. Bringing children closer to nature by doing interactive activities with horses is a wonderful way to share family experiences.

It also offers workshops such as cooking, orchard or gardening workshop.

Making a visit or stays in one of the school farms scattered around practically all cities is an educational and family experience that everyone will enjoy. It is also a way of bringing children closer to nature, learning to value what surrounds them and to respect the animal world.

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