Children’s Chores – A Family Adventure

Carrying out household chores with children makes them feel important and necessary, also providing them with autonomy, self-confidence and greater capacity to make decisions.

It is a shared work of the whole family that children can carry out from the age of three, always taking into account the type of task to be carried out according to their age.

Encouraging the predisposition of children to help with domestic duties from an early age will make them learn to be more independent and to take initiative.

Any task that we instill in them will be a positive reinforcement that at first they will do together with us and little by little (depending on their age) it will be routine for them.

Let’s see then what tasks we can teach them and incorporate depending on their age:

2 to 3 years

The tasks can be, water the plants, eat without much help, pick up the toys and put them away, remove their plate from the table and leave it in the laundry room.

4 to 5 years

Feeding the pet, tidying clean cutlery in the drawer, helping to remove dust, replenishing toilet paper in bathrooms, brushing teeth without help

6 to 7 years

Help make the grocery shopping list, get her clothes washed, clean her shoes, keep her room tidy, help wash the dishes

8 to 9 years

Make your bed even if it’s not perfect, put your clean clothes in the closet, take out the trash, tidy up your school clothes the night before, help out with the dishwasher.

10 to 11 years

Change dirty towels for clean ones, sort dirty clothes by color and put them in the washing machine, take clothes out of the washing machine and hang them, scrub and sweep the house.

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