Christmas stockings for the fireplace

With the children this Christmas we have many crafts that we can do. A craft that they will love to make is the Christmas stockings to hang from the fireplace, and if you do not have a fireplace anywhere in the living room. In this way, Santa Claus will be able to leave them inside, Christmas treats or gifts and even with a little message to congratulate them on their Christmas stocking.

Materials for Christmas stockings

For this craft, easy-to-find materials will suffice. Colored felt, felt glue, glitter glue, scissors and decorations of all kinds.

Cutting a mold for the stocking in duplicate, at one end we will put the glue for felt and we will place the white felt as the end of the Christmas stocking.

Then we will glue the two halves of the stocking with the felt glue.

Finally, one option is to put the name of each of the family members with glitter glue.

Decorations suggestions

You can make the Christmas stockings in the shape of a sock but also in the ways that you find fun. We will give you suggestions of decorations that you can make.

This model is not in the shape of a boot but it is the most fun

The decorations can be of many types such as sticking hanging pieces to the Christmas stockings.

They can also be made of sackcloth.

Or even any fun Christmas fabric you can find.

But undoubtedly the most important thing is that children develop their imagination and be the ones who decorate their Christmas stockings. It is simply giving them the materials that they can use for decoration and that they imagine their perfect Christmas stocking for this Christmas. They will love moving eyes, colored balls, stars, Christmas trees, any accessory.

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