The kids need you to take them to the playground

The playground, in addition to being a fun place for children, is very important for their development. Children need to act like children, they need to run, jump, play and move freely. What better place for it than the playground.

In all towns there are playgrounds, which have slides, swings and even in many of them, they have devices with more accessories so they can explore, climb, or interact with other children.

The park is a safe environment, where children will learn by playing and lose their fear of interacting with other children. You can find playgrounds categorized by age, where the accessories are designed for their specific age.

Benefits of the playground

In society and more and more, children spend a lot of time with electronic devices. They spend a lot of time indoors playing in a sedentary way, without being in contact with other children. This can be a negative impact for them.

When children play in the park, they develop learning skills. They have to interact with more children, taking turns, and enhance learning. It is a challenge to go down the slide for the first time, or to have to climb for example. Creativity develops in a spectacular way, to overcome obstacles and themselves, to be able to see how far they can go.

Exploring their limits and assessing risks is highly positive for them. It’s no longer about mom or dad telling them that it’s dangerous and that they shouldn’t do it. Now it is about them discovering the dangers themselves within a safe environment for them.

For children, getting out of the comfort zone is very beneficial. They socialize and participate in games with other children. They will make new friends on their own, without parents telling them who they can or cannot play with. This fact will reinforce their autonomy and independence, something very necessary for their development.

Benefits of nature

Outdoors is undoubtedly a very important aspect of your health. Being in the park, even when it’s winter, makes them stay under the sun’s rays by absorbing vitamin D naturally. Being outdoors improves their mood provided by the freedom that allows them to move as they please.

Being in contact with nature encourages them to explore the world around them and acquire knowledge naturally. Breathing air at full lung, in a playful place is without a doubt very necessary for the little ones in the house.

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