Grandparents and grandchildren, unconditional love

Grandparents play an important role in the family for children.

On many occasions they are in charge of taking care of the grandchildren. Increasingly, fathers and mothers both work and due to schedules, they need grandparents to take them to or from daycare centers/schools. In other cases, if there have been separations or divorces, they need even more to resort to the help of their parents.

But in addition to that, they are family mediators, a role model and a source of unconditional love for their grandchildren.

Grandchildren love grandparents

Grandparents no longer have the parenting obligations (in most cases) that parents have, so the pleasure of pampering them crosses their borders. From the grandchildren they receive fun and love. The grandchildren will also be in charge of getting the grandparents to carry out actions that they never carried out with their children.

For children, the figure of the grandparents, who tell them many stories, captivates and amazes them. Many times, they are the mediators between problems with their parents and become confidants for them.

They enjoy the grandchildren

And for the grandparents, it is the children who listen to them the most, who hug them the most, and who give off joy around them.

If the children maintain a regular relationship, you will benefit from their strong emotional bond. They are a family of another generation other than their parents, and they serve on many occasions as role models. On the other hand, in cases of parental separation, they help grandchildren to overcome difficult situations.

On most occasions, grandparents present their most playful and fun side with their grandchildren, since it is very likely that when they were parents, due to work obligations, they could not dedicate as much time to their own children.

On the other hand, those who have a closer relationship with grandchildren tend to suffer less depression according to the Boston University study on aging conducted among 276 grandparents and 340 grandchildren.

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