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Introducing children to writing

Technological advances lead us to write less every day and use more mobile, computer or tablet. Even so, writing and secture continue to be a basic learning for every human being. It is the way to transmit, exchange ideas or the way to express ourselves and communicate.

The beginning of writing

For children to start writing, it is necessary that they already control their movements, mastering their body and being able to move their hand in the direction of the strokes they will make.

Literacy currently begins in the infant stage when children are 3, 4 and 5 years old. It is the first contact with the pencils or crayons and they will begin by making strokes filling the leaves with color.

When you start with the process of learning to write, what you are going to work on are the movements made with your hand, coordinating them with your eyes. This takes a process, since these movements are used exclusively to write or draw in a controlled way.

Tips and tricks

Some tips that can help the child so that the learning process is positive would be:

  • Prepare a relaxed and calm environment, even relaxed music can be stimulating. The music also depending on its rhythm, will help. If we put on music with very marked and fast rhythms, they will be able to exercise the short and intermittent strokes and the slow music for the smooth and undulating strokes.
  • Before he begins to use pencil and paper, it is good that he begins to exercise drawing with his finger in the air, making handicrafts with finger paints or drawings in flour, for example.
Finger painting on AMAZON
  • It is important to teach the child to hold the pencil correctly. In the market there are some couplings that are put on the pen that can help the position to be correct.
Pencil gripper on AMAZON

Both that pen support time and some model similar to the one we indicated, are great for them to use the pen correctly.

Pencil holder on AMAZON

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