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Water parks – Fun guaranteed!

In summer, water parks offer a lot of fun for families with children, and for the experience to be great, it is worth taking into account some useful tips.

Water park tickets

Once you have decided which of the water parks you will go to, buy tickets in advance and, if possible, online. This fact will make tickets cheaper and you will also avoid long queues to purchase tickets.

Depending on the age of the children, it may be interesting to buy in advance the fast passes offered by most water parks. If they are children under 5-6 years old, it is not worth paying for the fast passes, since for those ages, what is usually there is a lagoon with different activities in which there is no need to queue to enter.

In the case of older children, depending on the day you go, it can be interesting to buy fast passes, especially for children who will not stop going up to the different attractions.

Solar protection

For the health of the whole family, you should all wear sun protection beforehand from home and also be continually putting it back on. It does not matter if you are under umbrellas, you have to think that it is normal for you to be walking from one place to another, entering and leaving the water. For this reason, the sun will adhere more to our skin and if you don’t, you run the risk of burning yourself.

For the little ones, use full protection or a very high factor.

Essential objects in water parks

It is very important that all of you wear flip-flops or appropriate footwear for the water parks. We recommend that the footwear used for many water sports is better used and that you can wear it even on attractions. In this way you will not be removing and putting the flip flops.

We do not recommend carrying valuables, and if necessary, it is preferable to leave them in a locker, since there are many times when you will not be able to watch your belongings.


Although in all the water parks there is an area to lie down with towels at no cost, there are also areas with free and non-free loungers called VIP areas. If you prefer free sun loungers, you must be one of the first people to arrive at the park to be able to get the sun loungers or hammocks that you prefer. Normally it is the first thing that is demanded as soon as you enter.

Food and drink at the water parks

In all the water parks they will let you bring your own food, which is much cheaper. But if you don’t want to go with so many packages, you also have the option of eating in restaurants, terraces or stalls that offer food.

To consider

It is important that if the children are going to go up the attractions alone, that you watch them or keep an eye on them continuously. It’s about enjoying this water park with your family… don’t forget it!

And just wish you, that you enjoy it enormously. It will be a great day for the whole family full of fun without limits.

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