Lunch box for children – Back to school!

Bringing their own food to school safely and securely is something we want for our children. With the lunch boxes and lunch boxes this problem is solved, so it only remains to choose the most appropriate one. We are going to show you different types of food carriers and which are best valued, either for their designs, for their qualities or special characteristics, to make this work easier for you.

Favorite Characters Lunch Box

This model with a design that children will love because they can choose from many of their favorite characters, whether from Disney, video games or cartoons. It has 3 differentiated compartments and a hermetic closure to avoid any possible spillage.

Thermal bag

Carrying your snack in an insulated bag is another great option. It has enough capacity to also put a lunch box and the utility of preserving food thanks to the interior aluminum insulation. These two models will be the whim of the little ones in the house. There are more than 7 models to choose from with your favorite animals.

Snack lunch box

Another option are these foil and fabric heat-wrapped snack bags. They are reusable and take up very little space. Its usefulness is to serve as a sandwich, sandwich, snack or fruit holder.

Complete set

In this case we have a complete set of backpacks that includes the school backpack, the thermal bag for food, bottle and case. Its design is also well known to children, which will attract their attention.

3D thermal food rack

This model has the peculiarity that its design is 3D and a generous space inside. If your little ones are fans of LEGO this should be their favorite food carrier.

Lunch box and bottle

We also have the option to buy the matching lunch box and bottle in a practical set. In this set you can choose between 3 varieties: pirates, princesses and football.

Original thermal bag

The two existing designs of dog and cow are most original. Carrying the snack in one of these food carriers will be the delight of the little ones in the house. It can be opened completely and serve as a tablecloth. It also contains a compartment for a cooler bag.

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