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The fun floats for a fun bath

The floats and mats allow both children and adults to relax in the water by floating and letting go. We can find very original and fun designs. Once deflated they take up little space and it is also very easy to inflate them.

Animal shaped floats

Children love floats in the shape of animals, because they have the feeling that the animals are carrying them through the water.

This pack brings 3 units.

Animals on AMAZON

We can find very sweet and very fierce animals, such as this dinosaur that will attract the most adventurous children.

Dinosaur float on AMAZON

This sea turtle will serve as a float and also as a mat. Everyone will want to climb on top, so the fun is guaranteed.

Sea turtle in AMAZON

For the little ones

For the little ones, especially children from 12 to 36 months, we find floats where they will be sitting quietly on the water while the adults transport them. In this case the hood will also protect you from the sun.

And for those who are a little older, from 1 to 5 years old, we will also find floats with ruffles that they will love.

For the little ones on AMAZON

Water gun floats

Double the fun offered by the floats that carry water pistols. Children will enjoy making their own water battle with these fun guns. This pack contains 2 units.

With water guns on AMAZON

Inflatable water wheel

If we also do fun exercises on the water, the theme encourages more. This is the case of this inflatable wheel where the most skillful must advance without falling into the water.

Inflatable wheel on AMAZON

Vehicle floats

Funny this type of floats with the appearance of vehicles. The most daring will cross the water with these fun vehicles.

Vehicles on AMAZON

Have fun choosing the funniest float for the kids in the house. Sure to be fun for the whole family.

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