Original gifts for children from 10 to 12 years old

Before this age you were surely very clear about what to give the infant of the house since he was still a child and his tastes were very defined. But now, that child is slowly beginning to mature and will enter the pre-adolescent stage in no time. He is still a child but with a desire to be a young man. With these motivations, we want to propose some original gifts for children in this specific stage, which will surprise them.


Speakers with lights are a perfect gift for this age. The fact that they have a Bluetooth connection is an extra that should not be overlooked. Being able to transport it and create atmosphere thanks to those lights that on many occasions light up to the sound of the melody, it generates positive stimuli and even more when they use them in the company of their friends. This model that we have found also brings Karaoke with microphones included and it is something that gives this gift an added value.

Virtual reality glasses

With these glasses they can play games, watch movies … in 360 degrees. They are also most compatible with mobiles. It is an experience where they move virtually into a world that will absorb them. Like any device of this type, it will have to be regulated for use by an adult due to the addiction they create for how fun and exciting they are. It is not a question of using them at all times, but from time to time, the adult knowing very well what type of games or movies are chosen.

Smartwatch with GPS

The fact of having a watch that they can make and receive calls to be located, which include different attractive extras such as listening to music, alarms make them an original gift for children of these ages, whose social life begins to manifest itself in a very accentuated way.

Custom dolls

In this type of gifts, everything is valid. They can be your favorite characters from video games, movies, comics, series or a real life idol, athletes, actors, etc. They will love having in their room a figure of their favorite character.

LED lights for your room

At these ages their room is their refuge and LED light strips are a whim that they love to make their den a very special place. They can also be light projectors with a background of stars, or the ocean, or a complete galaxy … The fact of being in their little magical world makes them original gifts for children of these ages.

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