Funny children’s masks

In the event that we want to protect the little ones with masks, we can offer them some of the fun and original masks that are on the market. If they are disposable, they will be able to breathe better and if they have funny motifs, it will be an incentive for them to like to put them on. Also in fabric we have them with the most original designs.

Let’s see then some of the fun designs that we can find for them.

Pack of 50 masks

This pack of 50 3-layer disposable children’s mask individually wrapped and with fun motifs

Pack of 50 masks

With this seller we can choose between 4 different models: multicolor, various motifs, a single color. They have a cotton blend so their softness is superior, thus avoiding any sign of irritability.

Reusable infant masks

In reusable masks we also find this pack of 12 washable cotton masks of all colors so they can choose.

Ergonomic children’s masks

Another type of mask are those that have a special shape for the nose, as they are of this type that we show you. In this case it is a pack of 6.

Children’s masks 5 layers

The approved masks with 5 layers and a protection higher than 95% are also found for the little ones in the house. They can go in large packs or in individual packages. In this case it is a pack of 5 multicolored units

Children’s masks holder

And finally we show you an example of a children’s mask holder, so that once they remove it they do not lose it and have it well attached.

Be that as it may, in the market we have a wide variety of protections against viruses that are also designed for the little ones and with their fun designs, it will be easier for them to wear.

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